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  • Become GreenerImprove your Carbon Footprint! Help the environment – Save Money

  • Our products cut CO output by 22% or more - this improves and lowers your energy bills.

  • Product prices now massively reduced (-40%) – Energy prices are on the up so start saving now – buy today


Hard Water leaves limescale deposits in ALL of your hot water heating systems – look at your kettle as the example.
If there is scale in your kettle there will be scale in other parts of your hot water heating system, immersion heaters especially and  other types of boiler also.
Scale in your heating system costs you money! Why? – quite simply because heating elements covered in limescale have to be heated before the heat source, gas, electric or oil can begin heating the water. Only a few millimetres of scale have been proved to increase energy costs by 25% and sometimes even more.
Our Hard Water magnetic descaler units quickly loosen all scale deposits. No scale improves your energy efficiency which will save you money by reducing your consumption.
Once you’ve fitted a Water-mag descaler the easy way for you to see how it’s working is to clean your kettle of all its scale and then see how with magnetised water the scale ceases to deposit new scale even after many ‘brew ups’.
There will always be white soft substances floating about but these can be rinsed away at the tap when fresh water is added.
Also, if you clean the scale from your shower head there will be no further deposits of scale. You will still be left with the soft calcium substances floating about in the head which you will need to rinse away occasionally.
Fuel Dynamics have a range of ‘proven to work’ descaler units to suit your home or business. The standard most popular (15mm x 400mm) size is the size suitable for most houses and small businesses in the UK. Some more modern places need the 22mm unit. In addition there are units suitable for many different requirements including those for larger premises like hotels, swimming pools and industrial applications.
Please browse through the list on the left, make your choice of the unit you need and read more about the products in their category.
You can either pay by PayPal, ordering securely through this website or you can place your order direct by phone,
023 8058 2707 and making payment by cheque or direct online to our bank. Fuel Dynamics Ltd, NatWest Hedge End, sort code – 53-50-36 and account no:- 1367190.
Over the last six years we have sold many hundreds of units and have never been asked by anyone for their money back. This is the best testimonial we could have about our products. It proves they work – and very well too!


water mag

Hard Water Descalers

  • Gets rid of limescale deposits forever!
  • Saves on your home energy costs up to 15%
  • Your heating equipment lasts longer saving on replacements and maintenance costs.

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Commercial Hard Water Descalers

  • Prevents limescale and other scale deposits pool mag
  • Reduces & controls algae growth
  • Improves water flow through filter systems
  • Swimming pools – less chemical treatments needed saving you on this cost
  • Standard size fits 60mm OD pipes.

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Hot Water Drinks Machine Descalervending machine mag

  • Descales a drinks machines internal pipework
  • Prevents heating boiler from furring up
  • More efficient and faster heating
  • Improves water flow
  • maintenance costs & energy consumption reduced

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Fuel savers for Gas & oil fired boilers

  • Suitable for most known boilers
  • Up to 12% saving in use of gas or heating oil
  • CO output gases reduced by 20% or more
  • Keeps your boiler cleaner and more burn efficient
  • Savings in energy and reduced CO help towards reducing your carbon footprint and the environment

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Beer-line scale inhibitors PROVEN to improve profits - pubs, clubs & hotels selling draught beer

Calling all owners/landlords/managers of pubs, bars and hotels and all places that sell draft beer from a cellar - ‘Beer-saver’ - guaranteed to increase profits with less work

beer mag
  • Magnetic beer line scale inhibitor units prevent the build up of dead yeasts, sugars, moulds and other debris in the line
  • This enables line cleaning to be monthly instead of weekly
  • Big cost savings with no weekly ‘drain down’ (see info in category)
  • Proven profitable results from many installations (references available by request)
  • No compromise whatsoever to the taste or quality of your customers pint – some even say tastes is better

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We are offering you a FREE 6 week trial with Beer-Mag scale inhibitors with NO obligation to buy. We're confident that once you have tried you will want to keep our Beer-Mag units.

Our scale inhibitors do work - some clients savings have been huge. Call 023 08058 2707 for more information.

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